Starting Fresh

Hello there. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well I haven’t forgotten about (and I hope you haven’t forgotten about me!). Life has been busy, way too busy, but full of lots of good things…like another move is on the horizon (end of this month!). And I plan to share it all.

So, please check back soon. Exciting things are underway.


Happy Weekend + Philly Triathalon


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I’m heading to Philadelphia for my first (sprint) triathalon. I have to tell you, running races does not intimidate me. You just get there, line up with your pace-group and put one foot in front of the other for a few miles.

But triathalons? They literally send you a booklet of rules and regulations to follow pre-race. A BOOKLET! (I swear it’s almost a novella) My body gets stamped about 8 times with my number and age group. I get an official swimcap designating my wave. My bike gets a number. My running shirt gets a bib. This stuff is serious. I’m also the second wave going off in the morning, so there’s going to be plenty of faster people passing me. EEEEK.

But aside from the nerves, I’m also super excited. It’s supposed to be a great course. And then of course, we’ll be spending the weekend touristing in Philadelphia.
Hope y’all have a great one!

Summer Pouches

I don’t know about you, but when summer rolls around I don’t want to carry any extra weight. Clothing is lighter, shoes airier, and bags? Reduced to small pouches that only hold the essentials. And I’m loving these small pouches from Madewell right now. They’re the perfect size to hold your debit card, cash, lipgloss and your phone.

images via Madewell

I’m loving the striped one, but which one would you choose?

Cozy Mountain Corner + Happy Monday!

image via my instagram

I’m slowly recovering from a bachelorette weekend at the Homestead. The Homestead is so special and the our gracious hostess let us stay at her family’s vacation home–which was perfectly decorated. The weekend was full of fun, laughter, and of course celebrating the upcoming nuptials of our friend. If you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend the Homestead for a quick getaway.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!

Be Still My Heart

I’m having a major dress moment right now. Okay, what girl isn’t having a major dress moment? They’re just so easy to wear, you can dress them up, go more casual, yadda yadda yadda. I don’t think I need to tell you seasoned fashionistas why dresses are amazeballs.

Through the magic of Madewell’s marketing, the Garden Vine Sunday dress caught my eye and I’ve decided I can’t live without it.

image via Madewell

And lucky for me, the print also comes in shorts:

image via Madewell

And a summer tote:

image via Madewell

You won’t judge me if i wear them all at once, will you?

Do You Know What’s Happening in 4 Weeks?

Well do you? And if you tell me it’s going to be July 6 in four weeks, you’d technically be right ‘cuz you’re smart like that.

But what’s really happening in four weeks, is a jar of cherries and bourbon will turn into…drum-roll please… bourbon-soaked cherries! Right now, the jar of pitted cherries is setting next to my barware, but in a month, they’ll be in my barware! And I can’t wait to whip up the perfect manhattan!

via my instagram

via my instagram

Bourbon Soaked Cherries

Handful of fresh cherries
Good bourbon (we like Elijah Craig)
Mason jar

Pit enough cherries to fill up half of the mason jar, and then fill with bourbon. Store the jar on a shelf for four weeks, occasionally shaking. And then add to your favorite drink (or eat straight out of the jar)!

Happy National Running Day

image via pinterest

My favorite way to start my day is with a jog–whether I’m training for a marathon, triathlon, or between events. Sometimes its hard to get myself up in the morning, especially when I’m exhausted, but I always remind myself how much better I’ll feel when I’m done (and that I can nap later if I want!). Right now, I’m about three week out from a triathlon, and closely following that I’ll begin my marathon training. I know it sounds super lame, but I get excited about starting training programs.

I think it’s important to always do a form of exercise that doesn’t feel like working out, but something you love doing. And for me, that’s running.

Tell me readers, what form of exercise keeps you motivated and in shape?

(And Happy National Running Day!)